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What languages do you translate?
We generally translate from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Due to a recent big demand, we also translate from other languages to Spanish/English.

From: Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian

To: Spanish or English

How long does it take?

Translators are able to translate 2000 words or around 5 standard pages of text per day. We will be able to start working on your project the moment you approve the quote. For translations less then 2000 words, you may be able to receive your translation within 72 hours of placing the order.

Is the translator a native speaker of the target language?

Only a native speaker is familiar with the cultural specialties of a language. In order to provide the highest standard translation, we always make sure to use a native speaker translator of the target language.

How much does the translation service cost?

We offer 2 kind of translations: certified and document translations.

For certified translations, the cost depends on the amount of pages translated. Our cost is per page. A page is defined as: 250 words or fewer (including numbers), one-sided, and letter-size (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 dimensions or smaller. An excess of 250 words on a page would be considered additional pages.

Our document translations are priced by the word. Our price is per word with a minimum charge of $21 per order. Numbers are included in our word count.

How can I be certain to get high-quality standard?
Our choice of translator reflects your quality requirements. We choose translator specific to the project requirements taking into account native language of the translator, references, certifications, experience and translator industry specialization.

Can I get a Free quote before ordering the translation service?

Yes, of course. You are free to use our request form to get a free quote of your translation.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept 3 forms of payment: Bank Deposit, Credit Card(paypal), or Western Union.

Can I mail my document in paper form or fax it?

No, we do not work with paper documents. If you need a translation from a paper document, please scan your text and send it as a picture or a PDF file.

If you request a notarized translation. Scan the document and save it in pdf format. Then, send it by email. Make sure that the scanned document gets a good resolution, so we can read all the information it has.

How can I receive my translation?

Once your translation is completed, within the agreed time, the documentation will be sent to the email address provided. If you wish, we can also send your documentation via mail.

You can choose the shipping method by which you prefer to have your translation delivered: certified mail, express mail or courier. You can also pick it up personally in any of our translation agency

Contact us if your question is not here.

What kind of translation service do you offer?

We offer document translation, certified translation, notarized translation,  website translation, audio transcription, and interpretation service.

What is the difference between certified and document translation?
  • Certified translation is made using our corporate letterhead and comes with a statement of certification (required by some authorities), in PDF format and/or physical document.
  • Document translation is a high quality translation done on a plain editable Word doc.
  • Both offer the same great KLS quality and service.
Do you notarize translations?

Yes. In order to notarize a translation, translations of documents in another language must have the recognition of the translator’s signature before a Notary Public. We do offer this service in both language pairs English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Scan the document and save it in pdf format. Then, send it by email. Make sure that the scanned document gets a good resolution, so we can read all the information it has. Once the translation is notirized, we will mail you the documents if you are inside Ecuador. It can also be sent by email.

Is it necessary to send originals to your office?

No. It is totally legal to perform certified or notarized translations from scanned original documents, as long as the quality of the document is assured and the reading of the document is guaranteed. The Certified Translator will specify in its certification that the translation has been made from a copy of the original

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

The procedure we follow ensures your satisfaction. Before the translator is paid, you can review his/her work and ask for corrections or improvements. If you are still not satisfied with the results, we reallocate the project to a different translator at no additional cost.

Who requires certified translations

Most foreign governments

What legal documents usually require certified translation?
Diplomas, Birth Certificates, Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificates, Crimianl History, Transcripts, Divorced Documents, Legal Documents, Passports, Adoption Contracts, Manuals, Books, and others.

How much will it cost for a translation, notarization, and expedited service?
Prices can vary depending on the number of pages your document has. Please, contact us by email and attach a scanned copy of your document. We will get back to you with a FREE quote.

Do you have offices in my location?

We are located in Machala, Ecuador, in South America. Our orders are delivered via email, or by mail if applicable to our clients inside or outside the country. You can place your order at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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