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English Courses for Companies or Individuals

In-class Training Courses

Key Language Services (KLS) has a department of professionals in ELT (English Language Teaching), specialized in the teaching of the English language as a foreign language. KLS has a great experience organizing English courses for companies and individuals in the city of Machala in Ecuador.

Training Courses for Companies









The English language is a key tool in the business world. We offer a comprehensive training course and we adapt it to the needs and objectives of each company. Our study and monitoring program will give you the facility to learn the English language in a fast and natural way.

What We Offer

  • English courses for companies and individuals
  • Classes with Qualified and specialized teachers
  • Varied and dynamic methodology
  • Schedules and frequency of flexible training according to your language needs


We focus on all language skills, using the methods and techniques necessary for each learning situation. These skills are: listening (listening), speaking (speaking), reading (reading), and writing (writing).

We use a wide range of teaching material:

  • Audio Video
  • Virtual platforms
  • Social networks
  • Texts of the student and work

Benefits for Students / Companies

  • Feel the difference of learning with us
  • Development of all skills, new skills and competences
  • Track progress and progress in each class
  • Better social integration and loss of fear of speaking in English

Forms and Payment Agreements

We sign payment agreements within the term of the training. Participants can pay by credit card, bank deposit or certified check.


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